Welcome to Mr. Toad’s, the comprehensive resource for all your media conversion needs.  Audio and video, digital or analog, if it’s stored on a tape or some other device, we can convert it to modern usable media.

In our over 25 years in business our core specialty has always been the pursuit of audio excellence.  Never content to simply attempt to maintain old tape decks, we’re constantly engineering solutions that significantly upgrade the quality of the transfer.  Most multi-track formats are rolled on converted Otari MTR-100s, allowing a tape formerly recorded on a thousand dollar tape machine to have the sonic accuracy only available in these machine that cost 100 times that much, once upon a time.

Not only is our audio at the highest quality possible, we’re experts at efficiency.  We’ll always deliver great audio at practical prices.  We’ve handled huge, multi-thousand piece archives for major corporations but our bread and butter are your reels.  But we need to make one thing crystal clear: any media over 10 years old is likely in need of specialized knowledge of the problems inherent in aging.

Magnetic recording media has some great qualities.  Audio recordings made to tape generally sound as good or better when played back today, after careful tape preparation.  Tapes get old and dry or damp and sticky (refer to old cello or scotch tape for similar effect.  Old cellophane tape dries out, old scotch tape gets sticky).  We’re experts at the process commonly referred to as “tape baking” and will likely end up writing the book on the subject.  A modern guide to handling aged tape is sorely lacking from the current knowledge base.  For more information on this subject, please check out the Baking and Restoration page.

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