Mr. Toad’s can handle almost any project from the physical restoration of the tapes or discs themselves, to the sonic restoration of the audio on the recording. We handle all traditional tape formats such as reel-to-reel, cassette and microcassette, as well as other formats like voicemail and answering machines, MP3 and .VOX files, pocket voice recorders and MiniDisc.

We have years of expertise and a full suite of restoration tools available to reduce noise and improve the intelligibility of your recordings. We have one of the finest stereo listening rooms, for when critical analysis of the recording is essential. We are experts at restoring old, sticky and unplayable tapes through the processes such as tape baking and splice replacement. Even when the tape or unit appears to be broken and unplayable we can often return it to playable form.

Many lawyers and newspaper reporters use our services for returning 911 calls and surreptitious or poor recordings of important conversations to intelligibility.

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